Artists, actors, and athletes are only as good as their business managers and for this reason many celebrities with no talent are still celebrities. Just like entertainers, entrepreneurs with great talent around them thrive. We take great pride in filling this crucial financial and legal role for entrepreneurs globally on six continents. We created Corporate Cloud™ to enable game changing entrepreneurs to legally reduce taxes & shield against legal predators through our custom tailored business structures which leverage local & international laws.



Gain an understanding of your current challenges from a legal stand point and the domestic and international solutions available to entrepreneurs in your specific niche.
  • Commencement: Immediate
  • Complete by: Day 7
  • FEES: US$850/hr

What Crowne Delivers:

  • Strategy meetings: Members of our legal R&D team will review your application and perform a high level SWOT analysis of your situation. A Crowne advisor will provide you with specific insights into current limitations of your business structure and potential high level solutions with reference to specific scenarios we’ve deal with during other Corporate Cloud implementations for entrepreneurs in your specific region and business
  • Confidentiality: All conversations are confidential and protected under attorney-client privilege.
  • Best Firm Guarantee: Find a more efficient and legally compliant Structure and we will refund.


When you are ready to see what your business will look like in a tax-optimized position, notify your advisor and we will perform an in depth review and legal analysis of your current structure and provide specific solutions opportunities for the future. You’ll know exactly where you stand, and what options exist.
  • Commencement: Upon receipt of retainer after strategy Meeting
  • Complete By: Day 60
  • Professional Fees: $11,250 for single revenue stream/Venture and 1 shareholder

What Crowne Delivers:

  • A review of your current structure outlining any potential areas where you may currently be at risk of tax evasion and asset exposure for a single revenue stream and shareholder.
  • An understanding of the laws and tax regimes impacting your existing and future structure, cited for reference.
  • ROI Analysis, if applicable, of current effective tax rate vs. future projected effective tax rate accompanied by an annual savings analysis.
  • Our Strategy Plan for V2.0 of your business structure.
  • Implementation plan, summary of professional fees associated with implementing our proposed solutions.


We will be making your new corporate structure a reality. We take care of the entire implementation process for you and begin by submitting registration requests to the various government bodies for the entities required according your Strategize Plan. By the end of this phase, your new tax-optimized entities will be in place.”
  • Commencement: Upon approval of client background checks & KYC and selection and approval of final solution between you and Crowne’s advisory team.
  • Complete By: Day 90 upon receipt of retainer
  • Professional Fees: Quoted in Strategy Plan based on your specific structure.

What Crowne Delivers:

  • Final analysis & selection of company jurisdictions.
  • End-to-end implementation of final solution.
  • Ongoing structure support and consultations
  • Management and expenditures associated with; Incorporations, Certificates of incumbency and good, standing, Apostilles, registered addresses & agent fees, professional board, international couriering & translation of documents, advisory team work composing packages, writing business plans, submitting and managing due diligence, Bank account opening fees, formations, provisioning of trustee(s) or fiduciaries


For over a decade we’ve earned our fair share of PHD’s in the school of hard knocks via trial and error in banking. Today we are the only firm with secure banking partners across 6 continents. Whether your concern is location, wire transfer logistics, fees, features, cards, security, anonymity, or investments, our banking team typically has a solution. Upon establishing a final solution we will provide a bank introduction and letter of recommendation, and prepare and submit your applications thereafter. Upon successful account opening we will activate your online banking.
  • Commencement: Upon receipt of corporate registration numbers and all client KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation which will be requested to you via email.
  • Complete By: Day 120
  • Professional Fee: Included with Corporate Cloud™ implementation quote.

What Crowne Delivers:

Final review and selection of banking jurisdictions based on client needs.
  • One Account per company formed in the Corporate Cloud™ process (additional accounts can be requested at any time).
  • Bank Introduction and letter of recommendation.
  • Preparation and submission of bank application package and client business plan.
  • Account Opening and delivery of secure bank logins and encryption tokens.


Your new Corporate Cloud structure provides you with a hands-off, headache-free management solution for the ongoing legal, financial, and logistical dilemmas. This is allows you to focus on growing your business and doing what you do best while we provide, maintain, and manage the infrastructure, staff, resources, & legal compliance needed to operate your structure, all while ensuring you remain compliant both at home and abroad. Corporate Cloud allows you to benefit from business opportunities available only to companies with an established international presence. Because of Crowne’s shared service centers, you get the similar outcome of a major corporation, but for a fraction of the cost.”
  • Commencement: Upon completion of previous step
  • Completed: Ongoing
  • Professional Fee: Quoted with Corporate Cloud™ Tax Strategy Plan.
  • (Inactive pricing available for dormant structures)

What Crowne Delivers:

  • Crowne monitors worldwide laws related to countries affecting your new structure and advises you on any potential upcoming changes.
  • Crowne maintains your structure and necessary components.
  • Ongoing annual renewals, filling & maintenance
  • Monthly consulting for financial and legal needs pertaining to the Corporate Cloud structure are included.


Our team begins to work with you and your team to complete a seamless transition of your old business operation into the new Corporate Cloud structure. We guide you in the final steps necessary to close out any components of the previous structure that are no longer needed.
  • Commencement: Upon completion of previous step
  • Completed By: Day 180
  • Professional Fees: Included with Corporate Cloud™


Once Corporate Cloud is fully implemented, you will have access to a new world of solutions typically not available in your home country. Including the added benefit of our full-time legal R&D team at your disposal to search, design, and vet potential solutions and ensure they integrate seamlessly with your Corporate Cloud™. Please ensure you actively discuss your needs with your Crowne advisor on a continual basis so we can ensure to support you with the proper solutions.
  • Commencement: Upon completion of previous step
  • Completed: Case by case basis
  • Professional Fee: Case by case basis

What Crowne Delivers:


  • Leverage tax strategies designed by major corporations like Apple, Facebook, and Google, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Receive a hands-off, headache-free management solution for the ongoing legal, financial, and logistical dilemmas.
  • Receive access to attorneys, certified accountants, and self-made multi-millionaire business strategists for advisory.
  • Diverse, multinational support team that brings together the exact ingredients required to make a fully integrated corporate structure and financial reporting solution possible.
  • Your cross-border Legal Team  ensures your new corporate structure is compliant.
  • Our Fulfillment Team implements and maintains your structure active.
  • Our Payments Team handles all of your payment requests.
  • A sophisticated, simple Support Portal via which tracks all services and activity in your finance & legal departments.
  • Leverage your time to focus on growing your business while Crowne manages your infrastructure, resources, & legal needs.

Corporate Cloud™ Sign Up Process

  1. Contact us (below)
  2. Submit Application
  3. Submit Retainer
  4. Meet with your Crowne Advisor
  5. Submit your Strategize Questionnaire
  6. Sign your Client Agreement