At Crowne, we celebrate entrepreneurs by doing all the heavy lifting on the complex and mundane legal and financial stuff so they can focus on doing the creative work that ultimately impacts their client’s lives. In show business, the artists, actors, and athletes are only as good as their business managers and for this reason many celebrities with no talent.. are still celebrities. Entrepreneurs with great minds and managers around them, thrive just like an entertainer.  We take great pride in filling this crucial financial and legal role for entrepreneurs globally on all 6 continents. We created Corporate Cloud™ to enable game changing entrepreneurs to legally reduce taxes & shield against legal predators through our custom business structures which leverage local & international laws.



Gain an understanding of your current challenges from a legal stand point and the domestic and international solutions available to entrepreneurs in your specific niche.
  • Commencement: Immediate
  • Complete by: Day 7
  • FEES: US$850/hr

What Crowne Delivers:

  • Strategy meetings: Members of our legal R&D team will review your application and perform a high level SWOT analysis of your situation. A Crowne advisor will provide you with specific insights into current limitations of your business structure and potential high level solutions with reference to specific scenarios we’ve deal with during other Corporate Cloud implementations for entrepreneurs in your specific region and business
  • Confidentiality: All conversations are confidential and protected under attorney-client privilege.
  • Best Firm Guarantee: Find a more efficient and legally compliant Structure and we will refund.


When you are ready to see what your business will look like in a tax-optimized position, notify your advisor and we will perform an in depth review and legal analysis of your current structure and provide specific solutions opportunities for the future. You’ll know exactly where you stand, and what options exist.
  • Commencement: Upon receipt of retainer after strategy Meeting
  • Complete By: Day 45
  • Professional Fees: $7,650 for single revenue stream and 1 shareholder.

What Crowne Delivers:

  • A SWOT of current structure outlining any potential areas where you may currently be at risk of tax evasion and asset exposure for a single revenue stream and shareholder.
  • An understanding of the laws and tax regimes impacting your existing and future structure, cited for reference.
  • ROI Analysis, (if applicable) of current effective tax rate vs. future projected effective tax rate accompanied by an annual savings analysis.
  • Tax Key™ Our substantiated recommendation for V2.0 of your business structure.
  • Implementation plan, summary of professional fees associated with implementing our proposed solutions.
  • Additional shareholders are $3,500
  • Additional revenue streams/ventures combined with the same shareholders are $4,250.


We will be making your new corporate structure a reality. We take care of the entire implementation process for you and begin by submitting registration requests to the various government bodies for the entities required according your Strategize Plan. By the end of this phase, your new tax-optimized entities will be in place.”
  • Commencement: Upon approval of client background checks & KYC and selection and approval of final solution between you and Crowne’s advisory team.
  • Complete By: Day 90 upon receipt of retainer
  • Professional Fees: Quoted in Strategy Plan based on your specific structure.

What Crowne Delivers:

  • Final analysis & selection of company jurisdictions.
  • End-to-end implementation of final solution.
  • Ongoing structure support and consultations
  • Management and expenditures associated with; Incorporations, Certificates of incumbency and good, standing, Apostilles, registered addresses & agent fees, professional board, international couriering & translation of documents, advisory team work composing packages, writing business plans, submitting and managing due diligence, Bank account opening fees, formations, provisioning of trustee(s) or fiduciaries


For over a decade we’ve earned our fair share of PHD’s in the school of hard knocks via trial and error in banking. Today we are the only firm with secure banking partners across 6 continents. Whether your concern is location, wire transfer logistics, fees, features, cards, security, anonymity, or investments, our banking team typically has a solution. Upon establishing a final solution we will provide a bank introduction and letter of recommendation, and prepare and submit your applications thereafter. Upon successful account opening we will activate your online banking.
  • Commencement: Upon receipt of corporate registration numbers and all client KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation which will be requested to you via email.
  • Complete By: Day 90
  • Professional Fee: Included with Corporate Cloud™

What Crowne Delivers:

Final review and selection of banking jurisdictions based on client needs.
  • One Account per company formed in the Corporate Cloud™ process (additional accounts can be requested at any time).
  • Bank Introduction and letter of recommendation.
  • Preparation and submission of bank application package and client business plan.
  • Account Opening and delivery of secure bank logins and encryption tokens.


Your new Corporate Cloud structure provides you with a hands-off, headache-free management solution for the ongoing legal, financial, and logistical dilemmas. This is allows you to focus on growing your business and doing what you do best while we provide, maintain, and manage the infrastructure, staff, resources, & legal compliance needed to operate your structure, all while ensuring you remain compliant both at home and abroad. Corporate Cloud allows you to benefit from business opportunities available only to companies with an established international presence. Because of Crowne’s shared service centers, you get the similar outcome of a major corporation, but for a fraction of the cost.”
  • Commencement: Upon completion of previous step
  • Completed: Ongoing
  • Professional Fee: Quoted with Corporate Cloud™ Tax Strategy Plan.
  • (Inactive pricing available for dormant structures)

What Crowne Delivers:

  • Crowne monitors worldwide laws related to countries affecting your new structure and advises you on any potential upcoming changes.
  • Crowne maintains your structure and necessary components.
  • Ongoing annual renewals, filling & maintenance
  • Monthly consulting for financial and legal needs pertaining to the Corporate Cloud structure are included.


Our team begins to work with you and your team to complete a seamless transition of your old business operation into the new Corporate Cloud structure. We guide you in the final steps necessary to close out any components of the previous structure that are no longer needed.
  • Commencement: Upon completion of previous step
  • Completed By: Day 180
  • Professional Fees: Included with Corporate Cloud™


Once Corporate Cloud is fully implemented, you will have access to a new world of solutions typically not available in your home country. Including the added benefit of our full-time legal R&D team at your disposal to search, design, and vet potential solutions and ensure they integrate seamlessly with your Corporate Cloud™. Please ensure you actively discuss your needs with your Crowne advisor on a continual basis so we can ensure to support you with the proper solutions.
  • Commencement: Upon completion of previous step
  • Completed: Case by case basis
  • Professional Fee: Case by case basis

What Crowne Delivers:


  • Leverage tax strategies designed by major corporations like Apple, Facebook, and Google, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Receive a hands-off, headache-free management solution for the ongoing legal, financial, and logistical dilemmas.
  • Receive access to attorneys, certified accountants, and self-made multi-millionaire business strategists for advisory.
  • Diverse, multinational support team that brings together the exact ingredients required to make a fully integrated corporate structure and financial reporting solution possible.
  • Your cross-border Legal Team  ensures your new corporate structure is compliant.
  • Our Fulfillment Team implements and maintains your structure active.
  • Our Payments Team handles all of your payment requests.
  • A sophisticated, simple Support Portal via which tracks all services and activity in your finance & legal departments.
  • Leverage your time to focus on growing your business while Crowne manages your infrastructure, resources, & legal needs.

Corporate Cloud™ Sign Up Process

  1. Contact us (below)
  2. Submit Application
  3. Submit Retainer
  4. Meet with your Crowne Advisor
  5. Submit your Strategize Questionnaire
  6. Sign your Client Agreement




“✔” Included • “O” Optional • “X” Not Included
 Crowne Dashboard Access Online client support system for Communication & support tracking and progress updates.
 Dedicated Advisor Gain direct access to the most sophisticated level of financial and legal advice offered to our Crowne Agency™ members.
All support matters and questions will be handled by your private client manager directly inside Crowne’s offices, this individual is responsible for ensuring timely & detailed responses to your questions and sourcing the proper resources and expertise within Crowne on your behalf if they cannot directly address your needs.
 Administrator Support (Monthly)
10 hrs
20 hrs
40 hrs
 Junior Advisors (Monthly)
5 hrs 395$ Per Hour
10 hrs 395$ Per Hour
20 hrs 395$ Per Hour
 Senior Advisors (Monthly)
2 hrs
5 hrs
10 hrs
 Chief Legal Officer (Monthly) Have you ever needed the exact answer to a legal or financial, maybe even a structuring question, right away?
You are in the meeting with investors and they want to know where the best country is to structure your deal?

You are thinking about bringing on a partner but do not know the best avenue to pursue it?

You just got that divorce threat and wonder if you are at risk? Your bank accounts were frozen and now you do not know what to do?

Most only dream of having that in the moment, accurate, and reliable answer, which is exactly why we brought this dream to reality.

It is about having the answers to just about anything pertaining to international tax, finance, banking, and business. Answers you could bet the farm on.

At Crowne, we build solutions that we would want to use ourselves. In this case, our founder is an extremely curious man, and when he asks questions he expects accurate & reliable answers, he cannot be bothered to waste an iota of his time on BS solutions or advice.

So that is why he formed a personal team of international finance professionals, lawyers, and business minds whom he carefully selected over the course of 8 years.

These individuals have decades of experience and more notability are some of the most curious, brilliant finance & legal minds on the planet.

By popular demand, our clients wanted access to this group of individuals and Crowne Agency was born so that you can also benefit from this amazing team.

These individuals have dedicated their lives to everything pertaining to international tax, banking, and finance and quite literally will have the answer to your question, or it may only be a phone call away.

Having access to our CLO/CFO’s is a secret weapon in your business arsenal because you will draw upon decades of in the field experience and have access to their vast network of professionals, banking partners, service providers, and legal firms to support you in your endeavors.

You will be amazed by the quality of answers you have access to when working with the Wisemen™
1 hr Chief Legal Officer – $1,295 (hourly)
2 hrs Chief Legal Officer – $1,295 (hourly)
3 hrs Chief Legal Officer – $1,295 (hourly)
 SWOT of Current Structure Review of:
• Potential areas where you may currently be at risk of tax evasion and asset exposure.
• Options (100% legal) based on your specific industry and region.
• Country’s laws and tax regimes that will impact your existing and future structure as well as all the applicable laws, cited for your easy reference.
• Annual tax savings with your new corporate structure for the future years to come.
• How to maintain & file your new proposed structures and bank accounts.
 Junior Advisor – Legal Strategy and Advice Have a quick question?
Pick up the phone or email Crowne Advisory to discuss any financial or legal matter and take advantage of the complimentary allotment of time outlined in your plan.
To see a full schedule of professional fees at
5 hrs 395$ Per Hour
10 hrs 395$ Per Hour
20 hrs 395$ Per Hour
 Strategic Corporate Management Meetings For our strategic clients who are scaling their business at an extremely fast pace, a quarterly strategic meeting puts you in front of our strategic financial advisors who equip you with the opportunities, understanding, and resources required to ensure your financial house is in order as you scale at the highest pace possible.

“You don’t know what you don’t know” Is often the crux of the entrepreneur, but with this strategic quarterly meeting we will point out those potential blind spots that often save you $100,000’s in time and money.

You will gain access to the same strategic corporate governance, financial, & business advisors used by Crowne™.
Topics such as legal operation models, finance, tax, agreements, disputes, and employee compensation structures & models are regular topics covered by our team.  
 Corporate Structuring
 Annual Corporate Registry Fillings & Fees
In a properly structured multinational, it is common to have 5-10 subsidiary, operating, holding, investment, and distribution companies that serve particular functions to the parent (HQ).
Each of the companies requires ongoing quarterly and annual administration, management, and payment to the appropriate governing bodies to ensure good standing for the corporation. Some of the ongoing maintenance, fees, and activity includes:

(A) Annual Government fee: The Government fee is essentially a fixed amount of state duty that all companies are supposed to pay to the registrars office of corporations. It is quite simply a fixed fee levied by the Government for the privilege of being incorporated “under the flag” of the particular country.

(B) Registered Agent/Office The Registered Agent fee is a professional fee, which basically employs the Registered Agent as the official intermediary between the owners of the company and the Government; pays for the usage of the registered office address (Not to be confused with the HQ address or mailing address which may be different) as the legal address of the company; and covers the minimum custodial and administrative services necessary to comply with the requirements of the Companies Acts within most countries. In most major jurisdictions, the law requires that in order to be in good standing, every company must have a Registered Office and a Registered Agent whereby the Goverment may correspond with the representatives of the company.

(C) Third-party account signatory services; (d) mail and fax forwarding, document remaining, and call handling, also known as “virtual office” services for sub companies and holding companies (Not the actual Foreign Headquarters)

(D) Miscellaneous secretarial, legal, and administrative services, billed either on fixed-fee basis or according to time-spent.

(E) Enhanced Services: For services that enhance and improve the (applicable more often for offshore) company. The scope depends on the exact configuration of the company, as it was registered or following the incorporation.

The annual renewal fees are normally paid and filed on an annual basis, shortly before the registration anniversary of the offshore company. The fixed-amount annual renewal fees are payable in advance, for the next year. In more complicated arrangements there may be specific fees that are billed on time-spent basis. These may be invoiced post factum, either monthly or quarterly, to CMC and paid on your behalf.  
 Maintenance of Statutory Books and Records
 Professional Secretary of the Board General Responsibilities
Organizations are required by law and by custom to maintain certain records for several purposes, including:
accurate recollection of decisions;
determination of eligibility to vote;
continuity of policies and practices; and
accountability of directors and officers.

The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements, and to enable authorized persons to determine when, how, and by whom the board’s business was conducted.

In order to fulfill these responsibilities, and subject to the organization’s bylaws, the Secretary records minutes of meetings, ensures their accuracy and availability, proposes policies and practices, submits various reports to the board, maintains membership records, fulfills any other requirements of a Director and Officer, and performs other duties as the need arises and/or as defined in the bylaws. (see note 1)

The Secretary is accountable to the Board of Directors (if elected or appointed by them) or Members. (If elected by the membership at a members meeting) as specified in the bylaws.

Through the Board of Directors, certain duties of the Secretary may be delegated to the Executive Director, Board members and/or committees as appropriate; however, the accountability for them remains with the Secretary. Specific Duties

The secretary is responsible for ensuring that accurate minutes of meetings are taken and approved. Requirements of minutes may vary with the jurisdiction, but should include at a minimum:
date, time, location of meeting;
list of those present and absent;
list of items discussed;
list of reports presented;
text of motions presented and description of their disposition. (see note 2)
The Secretary signs a copy of the final, approved minutes and ensures that this copy is maintained in the corporate records.

Custodian of records
The secretary ensures that the records of the organization are maintained as required by law and made available when required by authorized persons. These records may include founding documents, (eg. letters patent, articles of incorporation), lists of directors, board and committee meeting minutes financial reports, and other official records.

Membership Records
The Secretary ensures that official records are maintained of members of the organization and Board.
He/She ensures that these records are available when required for reports, elections, referenda, other votes, etc.

The Secretary ensures that an up-to-date copy of the bylaws is available at all meetings.

The Secretary ensures that proper notification is given of directors’ and members’ meetings as specified in the bylaws.
The Secretary manages the general correspondence of the Board of Directors except for such correspondence assigned to others.

The Secretary participates in Board meetings as a voting member. The Secretary provides items for the agenda as appropriate.
In the absence of the President (and Vice-President, if the position exists), the Secretary calls the meeting to order, presiding until a temporary chairperson is elected. The secretary records meeting minutes as described above depending upon the bylaws and practices of the organization, the Secretary may perform these duties for Member meetings (eg. Annual General Meeting) and/or for an executive committee.

Signing Officer
The Secretary may be designated by the Board of Directors and/or bylaws as one of the signing officers for certain documents.
In this capacity, the Secretary may be authorized or required to sign or countersign cheques, correspondence, applications, reports, contracts, or other documents on behalf of organization.

Filing of Documents
The Secretary may be the registered agent with respect to the laws of the jurisdiction.;
the person upon whom legal notice to the corporation is served, and responsible for ensuring that documents necessary to maintain the corporation are filed.

Note 1
This document uses the word “ensure” to convey the intent that accountability for the specified responsibilities lies with the Secretary, but it is not necessarily the Secretary who carries out the activity. Indeed, we expect that many of these responsibilities will be delegated to board committees, staff, or others including experts retained for a specific purpose. The word “ensure” is not intended to imply any additional source of legal duties beyond those that are required by law.

Note 2
Minutes should have enough information to help absent directors and members understand what issues were discussed and what decisions were made. Some lawyers advise that in certain circumstances, minutes should include summary of discussion, rationale for decision, names of those participating in the discussion, and the roll call, noting any declared conflicts of interest. These circumstances are if the matter is contentious, if board members dissent, if there is any concern about exposure to liability, or if a board member has a conflict of interest.  
 Banking Implementation
 Company Incorporation
 Legal Department Management & Oversight
 Quarterly Meetings of the Board Quarterly management meetings of the board fulfill all legally required responsibilities of the professional board including reviews, new business agendas & approving decisions regularly in compliance with domestic & International laws.
 Crowne Round Table Wealth Mastermind Our Private Round Table Masterminds provide you, as the business owner, 100’s of years of wisdom and experience from our Crowne advisory team and The Wisemen™ all at the same table.
You will gain insights into areas of opportunity for you and your business that you were previously oblivious to.
Our Masterminds are about ensuring you are made aware of any unforeseen risks you may have exposure to and addressing each item with an actionable plan.
From there, it is about ensuring you are properly positioned to capitalize on any opportunities in your business so that you can thrive and have the unfair advantage you need to keep on top of your business.
 ROI Annual Savings Analysis Comparison of your current structure’s effective tax rate vs. new structure’s future projected effective tax rate accompanied by an annual savings analysis.
 Private Placement Investment Opportunities Gain access to private asset backed investment deals via our large global investment network and earn higher & secured returns with little to no risk.
 Annual Structure Expansion & Growth Review Crowne’s legal team will perform a SWOT analysis of your structure taking into consideration current laws, both domestic and foreign amendments to legislation, banking policies, and other global trends and changes that may put you at risk.
 Corporate Management Advisory Gain Access to the same strategic corporate governance, financial, & business advisors used by Crowne™.
Topics such as legal operation models, finance, tax, agreements, disputes and employee compensation structures & models are regular topics covered by our experts
 Strategic Board Members Professional board members are the secret sauce behind all the major “overnight” success stories.
Leverage some of Crowne’s top business minds and strategists to propel your business forward.
 Corporate Receptionist Your business receptionist answer and direct calls from your foreign office and direct calls on behalf of your domestic and international workforce.
 Human Resources – Support & Introductions
 Annual Filings and Company Renewals
 Mail Forwarding
 Office Set Up & Management
 Foreign Sales Office Set up Assistance
 Hosted Visits to Costa Rican Office Make your way to Costa Rica and our team will host you.
 Discount on Additional Services
 Tax Key™ Legal Analysis Crowne’s proprietary legal analysis of the specific tax regime in your country of residence and our plain English breakdown and summary of the critical tax pillars that directly affect you at home.
 Contract Review
 Concierge™ Priority Service Crowne Concierge is simply the fastest access to solutions for your needs.
Via a quick live chat we save you the hassle of picking up the phone or waiting for an email response.
It is live instant message access from your pocket to ours desks from 8am to 8pm PST. We will follow up and log the conversation into the support tasks inside the Crowne Asana Portal to ensure all communication continue to be tracked and linked.
It is simply about being at the front of the line.
In addition to receiving front of the line support, Concierge members receive;
 Collaborate™ Joint Venture Structuring
 Insync™ Partnership Structuring
 American Express (Gold) You are allotted one American Express Gold Payment Card.

For more details please visit:
 American Express (Platinum) You are allotted one American Express Platinum Payment Card.

For more details please visit:
 Crowne Cards™ CyberSecure Payment Cards Providers on 6 continents whom traditionally could not work with you by virtue of your place of incorporation now are fully able and willing to interface with you globally and you can keep the conveniences you have grown accustomed to having at home.

 Crowne Accounts™ Checking Accounts Facebook/Google ACH funding platform is now an extremely robust media funding solution.
Provided exclusively to Crowne Accounts members, our direct ACH payment account platforms are optimized by our dedicated legal team to ensure acceptance by media providers.
Results have been excellent with direct account ACH funding and clients are reporting increases in media account uptime.
 Insights™ Secure Offshore Accounting See below
 Legacy™ Tax-Free Estate Planning If you miss this boat, your estate may be taxed at over 50%.
Properly plan the succession of your business and assets while you are happy wealthy and alive.
Leave the legacy few only dream of and ensure your wealth transfers to whom you want and where you want it.
Leave a legacy, not a bill.
 Shield™ Bullet Proof Asset Protection The golden rule of finance “Your money is safe where you are not” should never be forgotten.

Via Corporate Cloud, we can build you a series of asset protection vehicles that are impenetrable.
 Perpetuate™ Secure High Yield Investments Take advantage of opportunities in other secure regions of the world where central bank interest rates are 6% or more and thus creates large demand for private money at 12 – 20% secured rates.
 Shift™ Expatriation – Change of Residency Our team will work closely with you in choosing one of over 75 suitable countries in which you may legally take up residence and benefit from the low tax advantages and no foreign income reporting requirements.
 Roam™ Second/Alternate Passports Gain the ultimate in security, freedom, and visa free travel by obtaining a second passport.

We will introduce you to opportunities in all politically stable countries that have formalized legal procedures in which qualifying foreigners may obtain a second passport and then roam the globe freely.
 Acquire™ Offshore Payment Processing Gain the unfair advantage over your competition by leveraging our unique international approach to payment processing.

With opportunities and merchant accounts in more than 150 countries, we guarantee you the lowest processing rates and rolling reserve requirements while legally mitigating your tax liability.
 1. Discovery • Internal legal review, research & analysis (3hrs.)
• Discovery meeting with a Crowne executive who has specialized knowledge in your industry (1hr.)
 2. Strategize Plan™ Strategize is an in depth analysis of your unique situation performed by our legal team and used as a basis for designing your new corporate architecture.

During this phase you will learn:
• The potential areas where you may currently be at risk of tax evasion and asset exposure.
• The options (100% legal) based on your specific industry and region.
• The country’s laws and tax regimes that will impact your existing and future structure as well as all the applicable laws, cited for your easy reference.
• Your annual tax savings with your new corporate structure for the future years to come.
• How to maintain & file your new proposed structures and bank accounts.
Commencement: Upon receipt of the retainer and a signed letter of engagement.

What Crowne Delivers
• SWOT of Current Structure outlining any potential areas where you may currently be at risk of tax evasion and asset exposure, as well as summarizing the structuring opportunities availed to entrepreneurs in your specific industry and based in your region.
• Tax Key™ Crowne’s proprietary legal analysis of the specific tax regime in your country of residence and our plain English breakdown and summary of the critical tax pillars that directly affect you at home. • Overview of solutions legally available to you based on your individual circumstances, typically we propose two or more unique approaches and discuss the benefits of each with you.
• ROI Analysis, comparison of current effective tax rate vs. future projected effective tax rate accompanied by an annual savings analysis.
• Summary of maintenance & legal filing requirements to maintain the proposed structures and bank accounts.
• Boarding into “Crowne Asana Portal (CAP)” online client support system for communication & support tracking and progress updates.  
 3. Company Setup & Registration (avg)
 4. Bank Introduction & Acct Opening (avg)
 5. 30 Day Rushed Implementation
 1. Corporate Cloud Membership (1 HoldCo & 1 OpCo)
 2. Additional Partner
 3. Fee on Incoming Funds
 4. Additional Company (avg)
 5. Additional Partners