Schedule of Professional Hourly Fees

Throughout the terms of our engagement, you will be billed for any consultations (telephone and email), initial strategy calls, disbursements, and other incurred expenses: e.g. courier services, special travel, and agreed upon special “one off” legal, financial, or accounting related matters.

Professional Advisor – $395 (hourly)

Senior Advisor – $795 (hourly)

Chief Legal Officer – $1,295 (hourly)

Crowne Managed Client Support – $250* (hourly)

*First hour no charge monthly for certain Crowne Managed Client categories.

Payment Terms

  • Invoices for all fees will be rendered each month as work progresses and are payable on presentation.
  • Your monthly statement describes the actual services provided and shows separately any disbursements for other charges.
  • Hourly rates are billed in increments of 7.5 Minutes.
  • We must receive full payment for any invoice within 15 days of the date upon which the invoice was submitted to client.
  • Our legal, advisory, accounting, and fulfillment departments will be required to cease all work if payment is not received in the specified time frame.
  • Invoices not paid within 15 days will accrue interest at the rate of 2% per month.
  • Any outstanding accounts that exceed 60 days will be submitted to our collections department and incur a $550 USD client account reinstatement fee upon the recommencement of work and services for the client after the account has been paid in full.


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