Insync™ gives business partnerships the depth and security of a marriage, but with the flexibility and simplicity of dating.

Traditional partnership agreements merely focus how to exit the business essentially planning for failure.  This approach ensures you will be right back in the attorney’s office paying another retainer as soon as the partnership have a disagreement.  Worst of all, this approach makes the performing partner’s pay for the non performing partners lack of integrity.

Crowne’s approach entails clearly defining each parties’ responsibilities’ in advance essentially setting you up for success.

No entrepreneur would argue that employee success is about grooming, growing & learning, yet the “old school” partnership templates are built like an on/off switch, the business and the partners either succeeds or fail with zero flexibility. Insync™ ensures the partners have room for correction & learning and ultimately to transition from failure to success.   It gives room for all partners to find their unique value to the partnership and adjust to be compensated fairly in the process. Most importantly Insync™ ensures all parties put their money where their mouth is.


What Crowne’s INSYNC™ Can Do for You

  1. Our strategy behind partnership structuring focuses on clearly delineated roles for each partner and putting KRI’s (Key result indicators) in place to ensure everyone remains accountable to their piece of the partnership.
  2. Often, when going through the Insync process, many individuals learn there shouldn’t be a partnership at all, and we opt for a JV agreement, which provides 3-10X more value to all parties and less friction and “Coasting” as we call it.
  3. You will learn how so many entrepreneurs foolishly give away 50% of their business to someone whom they should simply have hired on a performance basis.
  4. We will show you the strategic angles by which greedy individuals rape and pillage the true value of the partnership, taking all of the profits without breaching the partnership, and protect you against these schemes. 


Specifically with INSYNC™, you will:

  1. Receive the necessary contracts and documentation needed to launch your new venture.
  2. Be advised of the optimal way to structure your new venture to best shield you from liability and optimize the taxes owed.
  3. Have your ownership interest protected and not mistakenly give up any more of your business than you should.
  4. Ensure all new partners coming to the venture are held accountable for their role and each person’s performance can be easily ascertained by instituting Key Result Indicators (KRIs).
  5. Solidify your fair share of the profits so you are not leaving money on the table.
  6. Have dissolution and dispute resolution accounted for beforehand to avoid a massive headache and legal battle in case the venture goes sideways.
  7. Optimize a strategic buyout in advance for you and the venture so all partners share the same vision from the outset.
  8. Guarantee that the best interests of the business will be prioritized over the needs of any one partner that becomes disillusioned and attempts to act in ways the run contrary to success of the business.


  1. Three 1-Hour confidential consultations and strategy sessions with Crowne Advisors to discuss the needs particular to your new venture.
  2. Unlimited R&D to ensure your new venture is compliant with all applicable laws.
  3. Services begin at $15,000 for 2  partner ventures and increases based on complexity of agreement, number of additional shareholders, and unique circumstances such as partners  based in different countries.