Crowne gets shit done. I wasted a ton of money with old school big firm lawyers, they don’t know anything about how business works these days especially on the internet.  First thing crowne fixed was my tax bill, they got straight to it and showed me how I could legally cut our tax bill by 18%. This was in our first year. Now 4 years later, they’ve saved me even more.  Then they showed me how a broker was skimming 2% off of every online transaction we sold (only for introducing me to the bank) and to make matters worse, one of the newer Crowne attorneys showed me how I was technically supposed to be paying 20% withholding tax another payment processing account I had, so at Crowne’s recommendation I dropped that account. Being a client of Crowne is like having my own in house tax law, accounting and finance department, they literally answer and solve ANY issue our team faces.. international tax, partnerships, withholding tax, foreign banking, payment processing, establishing credit with American Express in other countries where we operate etc.